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Uncle Joe

Oh Uncle Joe, Oh Uncle Joe,
Give me more, give me more, give me more,
play that thing like you done before.

Some of the young girls begin to sing,
Some of them begin to shake their thing,
Some of them throw themself on the floor singing,
Uncle Joe give me more, give me more.

A fellow and his girlfriend came in last night,
himself and uncle joe nearly fight.
'for when he told his lover "come let's go",
she say "no I wait here for uncle joe!".

Uncle Joe say "I getting vexed,
Coming here I surely regret.
'cause when the young girls shake up that thing,
cause me to bust up all of my strings."


solos after any CHORUS.
Alternate solo changes:
//D7 /G6 /D7 /G6 /
/B7 /Em /B7 /Em //

I think there's an Am in there:
/Em /Em /Am /B7 /
/B7 /B7 /B7 /Em //

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